Join us August 18th – 20th!

Hosted at Dragonflight Game Con in beautiful Bellevue, Washington.

Event Setup

The Evergreen Legion Open is a three day Regional event for Star Wars: Legion. The Tournament Packet can be found HERE We will run a 64-player Heat on Friday with all undefeated players advancing to the final rounds. We will run a second 64-player Heat on Saturday, which can include people who already played on Friday, space permitting, with all undefeated players from this heat also advancing to the final. This allows everyone the maximum opportunities to compete and play games, while also creating space for 64 to 128 players.  The final rounds will start Saturday evening and conclude on Sunday.


There will be plenty of prizes to be announced soon. Some of the ways you can win prizes include:

Top 8 placings
Best painted army/squad/vehicle/character
Top in faction
Random trivia

How to Register

      1. Register for the Friday Heat or the Saturday Heat on Game Uplink.
      2. Buy a Convention Badge.
      3. Once your badge is purchased, event staff will approve you in Game Uplink. 
      4. Upload your list to Game Uplink before August 14th.
      5. Pick up your badge at the Dragonflight registration desk.
      6. Check in that morning at the Skyview Ballroom at Dragonflight Game Con!


Dragonflight Game Con

The Fifth Trooper

The Army Painter

Monument Hobbies

Turbo Dork Paints

Micro Art Studios

Tinkerhouse Games

Battle Kiwi

Around the Table Boardgame Cafe

Meeples Games

… and more to come!