Congratulations to the winner of the Evergreen Legion Open for 2023!  Joseph “Joe Joe Binks” Lohmolder overcame a couple tough matches to go undefeated in his run to the top of the tournament! His defensive play allowed him to weather the numbers advantage his opponents had and was able the level the field with some aggressive Yoda play in several games. This Oregonian is still relatively new to Legion, but has been practicing with an ace crew to fully master his craft. We are excited to see him make his way to the World Championships!

Also earning World Championship invites this weekend are Matt Smith and Stephen Heinze, both hailing from the state of Washington.


Other winners from the weekend include:

Most Sporting Player:  (tie) Dan “Zargo” Boyle and Joseph “JokerAlpha” Alina
Top BC Player: Bradley Ho  
Top ID Player: Ryan Cartwright
Top OR Player: Joseph Lohmolder
Top WA Player: Matt Smith
Top non-Cascadia Player: none, everyone was too afraid to challenge us
Farthest Traveled Player: Ryan Cartwright
Best List Name: Nick “Wadzilla” Wadsworth  – Baby Bobas Bible Bonkers
Best List Name (runner up): Peter Swift – “Mom I want to play a good Rebel list!”, “We have good Rebel lists at home, dear.”
Most Fun List: Jason M – Wookiee Overload
Most Fun List (runner up): Ryan Cartwright – “Roger Roger!”
Most Thematic List: Connor Hogarty – The Fast and the Furriest
Biggest Comeback (The Bombad Special): Kyle Allison (won with 276 points left alive)


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