The Evergreen Legion Open has been following the recent requirements around the assignment of Worlds Qualifier invites and are making a few structural changes to ensure that we are able to get as many Invites into the hands of our players in a legitimate manner. For this tournament, we will be awarding one invite to the winner of the Friday qualifier heat and one invite to the winner of the Saturday heat. The top 8 from each heat will advance to the playoffs, where a final Worlds Invite will be awarded to the overall winner.

However, we have so many more prizes to give to our players! Everyone loves good game accessories, and we have plenty of those. Our prize support includes many different Evergreen Legion dice trays, sparkling Legion dice, game trays, objective trays, and alt-art cards. Combined with all the prizes announced before, it’s looking like everyone will be walking away with some loot in hand! We can thank our latest collection of sponsors for these, including Nick Bodnar, the Bombad Generals, the Baron of Dice, Deep Cut Studios, Battle Kiwi, Game Toppers, and Ten Penny Brushwork!

We will see you this weekend for the best Legion action in Cascadia!

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