Everyone loves a well painted army, including those of us in the Evergreen Legion community!  What does this mean for the Evergreen Legion Open coming up in August?  It means that we can’t wait to see everyone’s well crafted miniatures at the tournament!

At the Evergreen Legion Open, we expect players to try and stick to a “three-color standard”, where every miniature has at least three different colors of paint on them and can be clearly differentiated from other squads in your army.  The minimum there can be achieved by priming them in one color, painting the bases a second color, and painting the weapons in a third. If you are struggling for time with your newly purchased minis, we won’t press you on that, as long as they can be differentiated from your other units.

However, there is a reward for spending your hobby time painting some nice miniatures!  We have a lot of prize support from our paint sponsors, including The Army Painter, Turbodork Paints, and Monument Hobbies.  We have full paint collections, gift vouchers, and a selection of amazing accessories to give to the top players in each of these categories:

  • Best painted army
  • Best painted squad
  • Best painted vehicle
  • Best painted character

That’s all we have for you folks today and we’ll see you at the Evergreen Legion Open 2023!

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